Meo Sacchetti which places the index on the bad habits of the players in the field of social networks: “We should have a different relationship with the company and the use of mobile phones.

Dzeko, however, it stands at 35 ‘for a dry dribbling on Cionek and a shot saved by Viviano, but then you notice it only at the end of the first half when arguing blatantly with Ferrara curve and nearly comes to blows (out interval) with the bench of Spal. To make the game, in fact, is almost always the home team, with two external (Lazzari and Fares) that push very strong and always put in great difficulty respectively Juan Jesus and Karsdorp (because the other two external, El Shaarawy Kluivert, can not double down on defense).

So it comes out a game in which the Spal builds well in range and often seeks the keeper. And so too it was born on goal (22 ‘), with Fares overlooking Karsdorp (again still, as in Bergamo on goal Chestnut) on 1xbet odds a cross by Cionek. More generally, the Spal seems smoother and more compact as a maneuver on a mental level.

Vicari touches the door of the head, Kurtic tries from outside with a shot to ride that puts out a breath and Percussion Lazzari end up with a little pull to the side. The replica of Rome is instead often entrusted to the ball on the tips, too little to build something really good.

The Giallorossi also have the opportunities each (Schick to head out, Missiroli who saves slipped on Cristante and El Shaarawy who sows panic in the area, but kicks out), but they are always actions that arise over the fragility of the Ferrara defense than by ideas Giallorossi. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV penalty victory – Ranieri then runs for cover, and second-half substitute El Shaarawy and Kluivert with Perotti and Zaniolo.

The move appears to be correct, so that the 7 ‘Roma located on par with Perotti penalty after a nice transition Zaniolo and the Cionek foul on Dzeko face to face with Viviano. But it’s a blaze, because then Fares starts to grind kilometers in range and Roma still have to pay the bill with the usual mistake of Juan Jesus. What arrives on time at 12 ‘when the Brazilian puts down Petagna in the area in a confused attempt to recover. Penalty for Spal, which achieves the same Petagna.

That, shortly after, even touching the head 3-1. Then we think Viviano to save the result with a super save from Dzeko from the edge of the small, while on the other hand to touch the goal is Cionek to 34 ‘, with a header that touches the top of the crossbar. By now it is like a boxing match, with both teams looking for the decisive blow without paying much attention to the covers.

In having to risk more, however, it is obviously the Roma. That in the end is close to scoring twice, with Cristante from outside and with Dzeko who can not hit a great position head. He ends up with Spal to rejoice for a crucial victory in key salvation and Rome to look for because of yet another tumble.

From our network: Simple: “We were outstanding!” Ranieri: “Many will change …” Cristante: “We miss the” Petagna personality: “Rome strong, we won with the heart” From our correspondent Andrea Pugliese

April 28, 2015 – Milan  Alex Schwarzer in training. Colombo Alex Schwarzer in training. Colombo In the long march towards Rio2016, everything serves to improve their image. the photo of a stolen kiss, too (?) to the new flame.

Here is the walker 30 year old Alex Schwarzer, Olympic gold in Beijing in 2008 suspended for doping until 2016, come out with Valeria Molin Pradel, 36, a former hockey player and former contestant of “Big Brother 12″, you already He had suggested the presence next all’altoatesino over a month ago. The weekly magazine “Chi”, now publishes the first exclusive photos of the couple as they kiss and walk hand in hand through the streets of the center of Verona, the city where Valeria is studying medicine.

Schwarzer and Pradel know since 2012 and have been dating for a few months. In the days of the doping scandal former gieffina he had testified his sympathy and closeness to the athlete by publishing a photo on his Facebook page while wearing a tank top that says: “Alex Schwarzer in the heart.” It seems, therefore, permanently closed the story with Carolina Kostner that, for the failure to report the then boyfriend, is serving a suspension from skating competitions. Gasport

September 24, 2018 – ROME Jeff Brooks and Meo Sacchetti. Ciamilo. At the seminar organized by FIP Ussi and Acqua Sorrel “Basketball and who tells it: the national teams and the relationship with the press. From paper to social networks “, one of the most interesting ideas come from c.t.

Meo Sacchetti which places the index on the bad habits of the players in the field of social networks: “We should have a different relationship with the company and the use of mobile phones. They have reported in recent days, after our double victory against Poland and Hungary, which some players have used the phone in the locker room between the first and second time. There, I can not, I got angry a lot.

I lost the battle at the table where all the lead and use it, but in the battle field not lose. We’re not the Gestapo, but this is not good. Now let’s see how the President will act, maybe we remove the per diem to these guys, and I’ll take that … And then one day when we entered the bus we were 8 and all 8 with his head down on the phone.

The one that held less low was an Argentine (Filloy, ed). I know, sometimes I should talk less but I did it this way, if you have taken me so I have to keep. ” Mario Camphor

August 6, 2014 – Milan GalleriaEuropei Athletics: male Record Andrew Howe will not depart for Zurich Europeans. Tuesday night in Formia, the Air Force sprinter spoke with President Giomi and c.t. Magnani and together they agreed that it is not in a position either to participate in the 200, nor do reserve the relay.

In the group of sprinters in training in Formia, it is Riparelli doubt that complains pain and will support two tests today and tomorrow before deciding. Meanwhile Demonte (20 “83 staff) was recorded at 200 and the group was added Severi as the sixth man in the 4×400. At this point, the quartets are pretty much done.

The 4×100 should see the track Cerutti, Desalu, Marani and Obou, while the 4×400 will consist of King, Tricca, Valentini and Roberto Galvan with Juarez and precisely Strict reserves (personal 46 “83). GalleriaEuropei Athletics: women’s records WOMEN – Also new in women’s sprint. Do not leave for Switzerland Gloria Hooper (Forestry), in preparation delay because of the injury suffered at the beginning of June: in its place, to be part of the sextet of the 4×100-meter relay team, Magnani convened the club companion Martina Giovanetti (11 “75 in 2014). Out of the segment speeds, renunciation of participation in the European hammered Silvia Salis (Forestry), due to an injury suffered in early July. finally dissolution of the reserve for triple jumper Darya Derkach (Air Force), which showed a good performance during the training tests in Rome. Gasport

May 21, 2018 – Milan Katie Ledecky, 21, 5 and a silver Olympic gold medals, 14 world championships and a silver and 14 world records. AFP The summer of American swimming has just begun but there is already the stamp of Katie Ledecky, 21 year old American, penta-Olympic which has lost only once in his career between Games and World Championships: in Budapest in 2017 in the 200 freestyle by Federica Pellegrini.

At pro debut in the Series in Indianapolis, the US boasting 14 world championship titles and as many world records, says: “I could not be happier, and the hard work is paying differently for summer. I by ‘great confidence so it’s a great spot this week. ” A week began with a world record in 1500 shattered and now brought to 15’20 “48; continued with the second world performance ever in the 400 sl 3’57 “94 (the primacy of course his is 3’56” 46), and again with 1’55 “42 in the 200 sl (Fourth World seasonal performance) after the third place in the grueling 400 medley concluded in third place in 4’38 “88 and concluded on Saturday with the third performance history in the 800 freestyle in 8’07” 27 (his record of 8’04 “79 when the 2016 Olympic she swam well 8’06 “68). For that after Rio had changed coach and life, moving from Washington at Stanford University, 2018 could not start better: to American summer championships and Panpacifici of August when born US national for the World Cup 2019 in South Korea, the Ledecký resumes strength scene, in the manner of a female Phelps.